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You Do You..

Whether you’re 15, 25, or 65, I hope that the following “advice” can be applied when needed.

Always be yourself & do as Beyonce said, “school life.”

You’ve got to do what works for you in any situation.  Whether it’s a decision about your outfit, lipstick, work, friends, politics, whatever it may be, you’ve got to love and trust yourself enough to know that the decision you’re making is the right one for you.  Not for your Mom, not for your boyfriend, not for your friend, your co-worker, or anyone else.  For you.  It’s the right one for you.  Am I saying don’t take advice or insight from others?  Of course not.  But ultimately, make a decision for yourself.  Knowing that along the way these decisions may take you to new places where you meet new people and those from your past may not end up in the same place as you or grow with you – but just keep being yourself & believe in you.  Those who love you & want to be in your life will support your decisions and understand your reasoning.  So, decide today to have the YDY attitude.  The You Do You attitude.  This means that you start making decisions solely because they’re right for you and because they make you happy.

I know this is not my typical kind of post, but sometimes when life gives you a chance to re-vamp some things in your life, you take it and if it makes enough of an impact on you, you share that with others.  So I took my re-vamp and now I’m sharing it with y’all.  I hope that if you’re ever given a chance to re-vamp anything in your life that you can remember the above & maybe apply it.  If not, well then that’s okay too and that’s your decision.

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