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There’s a 30% Chance it’s Already Raining

happy rainy monday muffins –

This rainnn, y’all will it ever stop?!  Every year, the cold weather in itself is enough of an adjustment, but all this wet rain combined with the cooler temperatures after these warmer fall days we’ve had..SMH.

Anyway – I’m hoping to acCELLerate ((don’t worry.  I do know that this is a spelling error.  It is for the add-in of one of my mottos that I particularly use on Mondays – CELL: Caffeine, Energy, Lipstick, Laughter))  your Monday with a few goodies!

Yesterday, it was time for me to hit up Sephora & Nordstrom and re-stock on a few of my favorite cosmetics {{Benefit They’re Real Mascara // Mario Badescu Facial Spray}}.  I love both Sephora and Nordstrom year round, but Nordstrom in November & December – psh, forget it.  It is decked out in Holiday decor and near perfection.  Yesterday they were even MORE on point because they had the Carolina Panthers game on in the shoe section – talk about people uniting.  I went during the last few minutes of 4th quarter, because let’s be honest, the Panthers were doing pretty dang well.  Once I got to Nordstrom and saw that the game was on – pure joy!  {insert touchdown hands emoji}  Who doesn’t want to linger a little longer in the shoe section AND watch a great football game???  But really, I absolutely love Nordstrom during the Holiday season.  Even if I just walk around in there for 30 minutes and don’t buy anything, I leave a happier person.  I recommend trying it if you haven’t already.

Along with my two regular purchases, I also picked up something new {{Drybar Hold Me Hair Clips}} with my Nordstrom Note that I received in the mail for Nordstrom Debit Card points (woop woop!).  In the past, I have used claw-type clips from Target and/or JCrew.  They are great, but unfortunately they break after some time and over the years, I have probably spent more than I did yesterday on FOUR Hold Me Drybar hair clips.  These are particularly great for women with thick hair ((aka me, and I tried them this morning and they really do hold my hair, which is not an easy task)).  The Bumble & Bumble Invisible Heat Protectant Oil you see below is a great pre-drying product.  I spray just a little on my wet hair just before I dry it.  And from now on, I will be adding these Hold Me Hair Clips to my hair routine as well!!

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A couple weeks ago I saw this brand, Drybar, for the first time in Sephora and now they have it at Nordstrom!  Their Texas Tea Shampoo smells a-maz-ing and I cannot wait to try it as well as a few of their other products!!  ((Click here for more info on the Drybar hair clips)).

• Go ahead and rack up on these beauty products + a few more!  Shop below you, beautiful people! •

• Have y’all tried any of the above products??  If so, please share your thoughts below.  I’d love to hear what you think! •

Be sure to tune in for Teachin’ Up on a Tuesday tomorrow!



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