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Teachin’ UP on a Tuesday

well hello dears,

Welcome to the ‘Teachin’ UP on a Tuesday’ series.  Each Tuesday I would like to shine the light on teachers and all things related (i.e, teacher style, classrooms, lessons/ideas, teacher profiles, funny stories, & inspiring ones too, etc.).  As a former teacher, I know how challenging some days can be when you’re on the front lines of education.  Whether it’s the students, parents, school system, board of education, tests, meetings – oh no, have I named too much?  We all know the list goes on; however, I want to be supportive, encouraging, & a voice for all the difficulties as well as all of the rewards that come with teaching.

This first Teachin’ UP on a Tuesday is going to feature a teacher-like style.  Not only are these things cute, but they are all under $50 (except for one pair of boots – the beautiful Seychelles)!  Shop this look below and you’ll be the most fly teacha no matter what school you’re at and you won’t even have to use your whole paycheck to do so.  I believe Charlie Sheen would consider that #winning.

{I chose the dark tan/cognac color for the tall boots & black for the booties, but you choose whatever color makes your heart beam with happiness!}

Teachers (and all other educators/non-educators) – let me know your thoughts on these items & also if you have anything you’d like to share, you can leave in the comments below and/or e-mail me {} if you’d like for me to focus on a specific topic/theme/whatevs you’d like.  I’d be more than glad to do so!  All stories, testimonies, ideas (funny, encouraging, or serious , etc.) are welcome! so send ’em on.

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