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Teachin’ UP on a Tuesday


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Whether you’re an educator, sales rep, marketing specialist, doctor, nurse, etc. you know how nice it feels when someone simply says “thank you” or “thank you for what you do“.  So, naturally, on this Teachin’ UP on a Tuesday before Thanksgiving I want to give a special shout out to educators «« i.e, teachers, administrators, faculty, staff, counselors, assistants, specialists, volunteers, etc. »»  and tell you that you are greatly appreciated & what you do every day is ((& should be)) inspiring to people in every industry.

I know from experience that you may not always feel appreciated & some days you’re like “wait, why am I doing this??”, but when you sit down & think about your ‘why’, be sure to also remind yourself of the following:

• You are appreciated.

• You are making an impact on the future of our world {{and contrary to some politicians’ beliefs, this is a big deal and it does matter!}}.

• You are a great role model.

• You’re doing a great job.

Let’s be honest, I could probably list out 50+ of these.  And although this thank you shout out is short & sweet, I hope that when you’re about to pull your hair out because of the forever changing irrelevant standardized tests are piling up // your students are hyped up on sugar, Holidays, just because // grades are due // your planning periods are taken // etc. that you remember ((even for just a hot second)) the 4 statements listed above and that they bring a calm, positive, and refreshing feeling to you.

What are some of your favorite ‘go-to’ reminders that you use??  Please leave your thoughts and comments below!  🙂

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