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Teachin’ UP on a Tuesday

american education week

Hi all – Happy Tuesday!!

Happy American Education week!  Be sure to tell educators/staff/faculty everywhere in our school systems how much they are appreciated!

Whether you’re an educator or a reg business woman, I am hoping that these links/info can inspire you.  Last week I opened up about why I left teaching & this week I am bringing you some positive and motivating inspiration!  I challenge you to take this info & use your voices and/or use it to make you a little better than you already are each and every day.

Check out these links below for info, inspiration, & entertainment:

  • American Education Week Video & American Education Week
  • As a part of American Education week, this Thursday is Educator for a Day ← this could be very powerful, yet very entertaining.  Looking for stories from this, so if you get a chance to experience this – please tell us about it!
  • This one will make you giggle: Teacher, Celeb. Same Thing
  • This one is my all time favorite video & inspires me every time I watch it ((yep, I’ve watched this legit a million times)).  This video can also inspire students.  For example, when I used to teach & I showed this video to my students, the silence that fell across the classroom was first of all so shocking, but the second surprise of their love for this video confirmed for me why I showed it in the first place: Eric Thomas – How Badly Do You Want It?
  • “Superb Teachers Leave NC..” ← Pretty self-explanatory

Let me know your thoughts/comments on these links above & share some links that inspire you in the comments below!

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