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Teachin’ UP on a Tuesday

Y’all – I have been so MIA and I apologize.  With last week off, you’d think I’d catch up on stuff, buttt I decided to take a for real break instead.  I’ve got a work update for you – my start date was changed from yesterday to next Monday, so stay tuned on more updates on that.

As for your Tuesday Tunes – in honor of Celine Dion being on the Today Show Concert Series this coming Friday, this Tuesday is dedicated to her and her jams.

1 – A New Day Has Come

2 – That’s the Way It Is

3 – The Power of Love

4 – If You Asked Me To

I mean the list could go on, am I right??  Needless to say, I am SO pumped to see Celine perform this Friday on the Today Show.  If you’re a fan, try and catch it before work!

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