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 Okay ladies {{and men?  hey Dad}}, it’s official – Lauren Bushnell won Ben Higgins’ heart and JoJo Fletcher is the next Bachelorette.  Wahoo!!  I am happy with this decision.  Although Lauren B and JoJo both put up a good fight and were class acts, I think the final outcome was for the best for everyone.

The whole 20th season of Bachelor, I was a fan of both Lauren and JoJo; however, the last few {{especially last night’s finale}} made me see how brave JoJo is.  She wore her heart on her sleeve and was not afraid to tell how she was feeling.  I know this is something I struggle with not only in relationships, but also in other areas of my life.  I am scared.

Here are 5 ways we can be brave like JoJo:


1 – Think things through – it took her a while to open up to Ben, but she thought it through and didn’t just dive in because she was on national TV.  Sometimes decisions, big or small, can take some time and need to be thought through.  I know I will sometimes just make a decision just to make it so I don’t have to think about it, but I think that thinking it through more often can help with making decisions.

2 – Say how you feel – just like John Mayer has told us before, “say what you need to say.”  I don’t know about y’all, but sometimes I struggle with this because like I stated above, I chicken out.  The reality is, we need to say how we feel because if someone thinks we’re weird, turns down a date, or doesn’t like what we say – then bye Felicia.  Obviously this is subject to the situation – you don’t want to go off on your boss and then not refer to #1 and just leave your job.  Yikes.  I’m talking in relationships, friendships, and yes work, but just refer to #1, especially before going to work to say how you feel.  Does that make sense?!

3 – Keep your cool – when something didn’t go JoJo’s way, she didn’t flip out and go Godzilla on everyone.  She handled it with grace & class, but also kept it real.  She didn’t clam up and pretend like it was okay when Ben said he wasn’t going to propose to her, she obviously cried {{wouldn’t we all}}, but she still said her peace while keeping the peace.

4 – Be nice – Thinking back on season 20 of the Bachelor, JoJo was always nice to the girls in the house.  She wasn’t fake nice either, she was genuine and drama free.  You can tell that when she says she is happy for Lauren B and Ben that she really is.  Being nice & empowering each other as women definitely helps us all out way more and makes things better for everyone.  Being mean & ugly solves nothing.  It’s that simple.

5 – Have hope & remember how great you are – although JoJo didn’t end up with a ring from Ben on her finger, she is hopefully going to find a great man to put a ring on her finger at the end of her Bachelorette season.  Last night on the After the Rose Bachelor Live ceremony, JoJo stated that she healed her broken heart by surrounding herself with family & friends and she decided to use the memories that Ben gave her to benefit herself because she now knows what she wants in a man: a best friend & someone who makes her feel safe.  With that being said, she didn’t let go of hope and she was able to remember how great she is.  And when a door closes, a what opens?  A window.  The Bachelorette is JoJo’s window.  You go Glen JOJO.

What did y’all think about the Bachelor season finale?  What tips do y’all have for being brave?  Do they align with mine?!  Please share in the comments below?!

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Photo of JoJo Fletcher from Dallas Observer

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