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Teachin’ UP on a Tuesday

As most of you probably are, I am more into the Bachelor this season than I think I’ve ever been.  I mean, the Bachelor is Ben Higgins, need I say more?!  Last night was the “Women Tell All” episode and it got a little heated to say the least.  All of the women who have been ‘voted off’ of the show are re-united in hopes to either apologize for things they said or did, or even confront each other and/or Ben.

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Here is my Bachelor Season 20 “Women Tell All” Run Down:

Olivia ((wide mouth opener who, bless her heart, got left on an island like she was Gilligan)): She was confronted, some may say attacked, but multiple girls had qualms with Olivia and needed to get it resolved.  Olivia had a break down about how she was being talked about on Social Media, and honestly I don’t blame her – people can be  mean and take things like the Bachelor wayyyy too serious.  Like, calm down it’s just a show.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but I wouldn’t go as far as meanly criticizing the girls.  Fortunately, Olivia seemed genuine in her apologies so we will wish her the best.

Leah ((hmm, how do I say this?  She’s a bit of the liar liar pants on fire)):  She was confronted by Becca for lying.  On Leah’s last episode, she completely bashed Lauren B ((aka LB, one of the last two girls left)) to Ben’s face and then lied to Becca and the others saying she didn’t say anything to Ben about LB.  Leah, I wish you the best, but girl you can’t do that.  I hope she learned her lesson.

Jubilee ((a tough woman because she served our country)):  Jubilee has an interesting background story and did not have it easy growing up.  She lost her family & has seen many more tragedies than some of us could ever imagine as she has been serving our country.  Obviously all of this baggage effected her on the Bachelor and makes it hard for her to build relationships.  I hope she eventually finds a good, comforting man.

Becca ((was on Chris’ season of the Bachelor)):  As I mentioned earlier, she confronted Leah about her lying statement.  Also, if you saw the bloopers, Becca accidentally called Ben “Chris”, the Bachelor from the first season she was on.  Luckily, she wasn’t talking directly to Ben and she did automatically cover her mouth in shock that she said Chris instead of Ben. Haha!

Emily & Haley ((the twins)):  These twins let it all out and told Olivia how they felt.  Olivia did some manipulating according to these twins and they were over. it.

Caila ((the third runner up)):  She was pretty upset when they played back the story of she and Ben’s relationship.  Caila is the smiley 23 year old whose Dad is the CEO of a toy company.  He’s a cool Dad.  Caila is rumored to be the next Bachelorette so we shall see!

The last two girls, Lauren B and JoJo did not make an appearance, but we will see them on the ‘dramatic’ finale next Monday.  It’s a 3 hour episode and I’m not going to lie, I am so pumped!  Whoever doesn’t win will make a great bachelorette!  I think both girls are great and poor Ben, he’s got a tough decision!  Good Luck Benji!

Well this wraps up my ‘Women Tell All’ recap.  Hope y’all enjoyed it!

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