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Teachin’ UP on a Tuesday

 I’m sad to say that today is the last day in my month at Carolina Barre & Core.  I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the classes, instructors, and the environment at CBC!

Here are some of my favorite things about CBC:

1)  Do I even have to say it?  The CURL.  Just last night while in class, I felt my curl improving.  It hit me that you’re supposed to  work on shortening the space between your chest and lower abs while also keeping your lower back flat to the ground.  This was something I focused on last night while in my curl.

2)  The smiling faces!  Everyone who works at CBC greeted me as I came in and they were very happy & uplifting in class as well.  If I had questions about an adjustment or anything at all, they happily answered it and gave great advice.

3)  Encouragement.  Each instructor in every class I’ve been to gives shout-outs throughout class to assure everyone they’re working hard & doing a good job.  They also say things like “don’t worry about what your neighbor is doing, do what feels right for your body.”  This is nice to hear so that you are reminded to push yourself, but not so much that you’re uncomfortable, but just enough to challenge yourself.

4)  Cleanliness.  From the second you walk in the door to the cubby room to the studio, you smell clean smells and certainly feel clean.  Not once have I been grossed out by any of the equipment or the studio {{even the restroom}}.  You know there are some places you go and you’re sort of like “ehh yes, I’m not going to really grip this as tight or lay down on that mat, ew.”  Yea that’s never crossed my mind at CBC.  For real.

5)  Stretching.  I absolutely love the stretching routine at the end of class.  After the curl, you start relaxing.  The lights are turned down, the music is softened, and you feel relaxed.  While stretching, the instructors come around to help you get a deeper stretch and for me personally, this really helps my breathing and helps me to truly relax.

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Carolina Barre & Core, CBC, Barre on Selwyn, CBC, Barre Fusion, Exhale, Barre Fitness, Healthy, Lifestyle Blogger, Teachin' UP on a Tuesday, Queen City Blogger, Charlotte Blogger, QC, CLT, missEtayla, Schoolin' This Stylish Life

 If you are in the Charlotte area and have still not made it to a class at Carolina Barre & Core, I strongly encourage you to go give it a try & as soon as possible!  You will seriously feel better about yourself & your life in general.

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