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So as an early birthday present, my sister gave me this book that you see above titled “Start.”  We heard about it on the Dave Ramsey podcast and I mentioned I’d like to read it. Dave gives it out quite often to listeners who need some inspiration or who are looking to get started in a new way.  I have talked a little previously about how I am working on budgeting my money better by using EveryDollar and working towards becoming debt free.  Each day is a challenge, but also each day comes a little easier.  I know that is completely contradicting, but weirdly enough, in a way it makes sense.  I am so excited to START ((all puns intended)) integrating what I learn from this book not only to my budget, but also to my life in general.  Honestly, I’m not a big reader.  I want to be, but I really really have to get focused in order to get into a book and finish it.  It is something that I try to work on each year it seems.  With that being said,  whether you are reading through a book each week, month, or every 3 months – I’d put this one on your list!

I started reading this book and already have learned a thing or two plus laughed out loud ((literally LOLed)).  This author’s writing is entertaining, authentic, refreshing, and encouraging.  I know I’m no Barnes & Nobles, but I would recommend this book to you ((at any age)) – especially if you’re looking for some inspiration, laughs, & guidance.

Well, signing off from my teachable moment of the day.

Have any of you read this book?!  What’d you think?  Have you read any other inspiring books?  If so, please share in the comments below.

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