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Business Women, Successful Women, Girlboss, Laptops, Coffee, Planner, Success, Planning, Day Planner

Girlboss, Successful Women, Business Women, Daily Tools, Budgeting, EveryDollar, Dave Ramsey, Productiveness

Do you have your daily business items you cannot live without?  Your planner, to-do lists, headphones, etc.??  Today I am sharing my top 10 with you!

  1. Planner – I love my Whitney English Day Designer Planner ((thanks to my friend Katherine who showed me this fab planner)).
  2. To-do List – I put my to-do list in my Day Designer Planner as it has a place for it and sometimes, on those busy over-whelming days, I even make a second to-do list in a small little notebook ((literally you can find a simple one of these at Target or even a grocery store)).
  3. Laptop – Sort of a given – but, no laptop = no work done and no work done = no blogging done.  It is a sad, sad day without the laptop.
  4. EveryDollar App on my iPhone – This is a budgeting app that was created by Dave Ramsey and his team.  It is a free app on your phone that is user-friendly.  You can also access it on your computer.  It really is so convenient so if you’re looking for an easier way to budget your money, you should seriously give this app a try!  I have been trying harder and harder each month to stick to a budget.  Have I messed up and fallen off my wagon?  Numerous times.  But sometimes it takes these things happening to realize just how easy it can be.  I say I need it everyday, because if I don’t upload my transactions everyday, it can spiral out of control quick, so I try my best to update it with EveryDollar spent.  Get it?!  So I encourage you to give it a try & let me know how you like it!  
  5. Zebra Pen – Seriously this is the best pen EVER.  I swear it makes me have better handwriting.  It is thin and does not smear!
  6. Reading Glasses – Because I’m supposed to wear them when I’m on the computer and/or working.  As silly as it sounds, I also feel more productive so I am convinced I get more done.  Hey, if this helps me be more productive then so be it. 🙂 
  7. Company Contact List – I keep a copy of this in my car (on my passenger side visor) and also in my workbag.  Since I am on the road most days, this list is great to have for when I get stuck in traffic or come to a stop and I need to call and/or e-mail someone from work!
  8. Customer Notebook –  I got this idea from a couple people I work with & it is genius!  This binder contains different customers’ profiles in different cities.  I have it divided by cities with A-Z dividers.  Within the dividers I have it alphabetized by the customer names.  Make sense??  I use this notebook to add notes about the customer before and/or after I go see them as well as staple any business cards I receive from people while I am visiting the customers.  I try and keep this notebook with me at all times so if there is any downtime and/or questions about customers that may come up, I’ve got that information right there.  It really does come in handy!
  9. Business Cards – On the real, I love my business cards.  For a while, before I really got in to sales, I honestly thought that business cards were maybe a dying art.  Boy was I wrong-o.  They are a necessity in the business world.  If you forget someone’s name, company, phone number, e-mail, title, etc.  boom – you’ve got it right there on the business card they gave you.  Another great thing to have with you daily because you just never know what could come up – so better to be prepared than not!?!
  10. LIPSTICK – Okay, so this may not technically be a ‘business’ item – but it is a necessity on my list in the morning to immediately feel put together, confident and ready to rock.  Then, mid-day, when you’re sort of feeling like “ughh oh my gahhh.  This day.  My face.”, reach in your purse, freshen-up your lipstick and off you go!  Ready to totally kick it.

What are your go-to business items?  What helps you get through the work day?!  Share in the comment section below!  As always, feel free to spread the missEtayla love with your family and friends via Social Media!

Huge shout out to my Sister for being the fab photographer that she is!  Thanks for the pics this weekend!  Check out some more of her pictures on her Facebook Page.

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