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So Fetch Friday

Today I feel weird, on my own blog, for using the title ‘So Fetch Friday’ as this is probably the least fetch Friday I’ve ever had.  I feel this way because I am truly saddened for my city of Charlotte.  As most of you probably know, we have been in the news the last 4 days now for protests due to a shooting that happened here that still, unfortunately, has no clear outcome except a very hurt family & community.  The first two nights of protests turned to riots and chaos while thankfully, last night’s were mostly peaceful. 

Obviously the family who lost a loved is the most effected by this unfortunate situation and in their moment of grief, they’ve had to ask for people not to be violent and hopefully from here on out, we can protest only in a peaceful way.  Can you imagine having to deal with losing a loved one and asking others to not to the same to one another?

Our city of Charlotte is truly a wonderful place & community.  I believe we will get through this, together.  

Pictured below are some very peaceful local Charlotte Moms protesting during the day yesterday in Uptown Charlotte.  They said that they just want peace for all colors of people and mainly want peace so that their kids can grow up in a safe place that allows them to develop and live out their dreams.  To this I say #preach.

I am praying and hoping with every cell in my body that peace and love come out on top and continue to do so.  I love this city and know we are better than this, every. single. one. of. us.  We have to do better, we have to be better.

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