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November, Rabbit Rabbit, First of November, Leaves, missetayla, FallnessHard to believe it’s already November!  Whether you indulged in too much candy or had one too many cups of spiked cider last night, I’ve got the perfect remedies that will help ward off your Sunday Scaries.

Starting with some pics of my adorable niece and nephew from Halloween!

Halloween, Batwoman, Batman, Catgirl, Trick or Treat, Fall Fun Halloween, Batwoman, Batman, Trick or Treat, Fall, Funtimes, Family, Niece & Nephew

Seriously, I don’t think Batwoman and Batman will ever be any cuter!  So besides these two cuties pictured above, I am a huge fan of cute lounge clothes on a Sunday.  Pieces that I can wear while lounging AND to run my errands in are my jam.  The perfect November lounge/errand-running outfit to me is a pair of leggings, slinky-soft-like tee, sweater, and boots or some good tennies.  If you’re in need of some new staples for your lounge-wearing days – you are in for a treat [[even though it’s after Halloween]].

Shop this type of look below!  {{All under $75}}

What is your favorite lounging-errand-running outfit? If you’ve found other great items, please feel free to share in the comments below!

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