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    Favorite Planners & Journals

    HAPPY 2018!!

    I hope y’all had a fab & safe NYE.  Mine was pretty good!  My plans changed and I ended up not going to Linville, but stayed here in Charlotte instead.  Boomer has been in the car so much lately and has developed some pretty bad car anxiety (it is seriously the saddest thing).  I give him an all-natural remedy to help ease his anxiety, but it wears off after about an hour-hour and a half so I just felt like we needed to stay put since we’ve been all over the state in the last week.  Plus I still had some major unpacking and organizing to do and so I wanted to start off 2018 in the most non-cluster type of way.  Although I missed my friends that I was going to go with & had some fomo, I did get a lot done by staying in town so I am glad for that!

    Anyyyyway, today I want to share with y’all some of my favorite planners and organizers.  I have always loved planners and am pretty picky when it comes to them.  Anyone else?!  Sometimes I end up with two different planners for 1 year?  I don’t know why.  I guess I just can’t decide?  But then sometimes I carry around both and that’s just silly.  But I have used two before and use one for just work stuff and then the other for more personal things & the blog.  This year I got this Kate Spade planner (I got one two or three years ago and liked it – it’s one of my favorites).  I loved the cover of this one because these days I am usually late.  #workingprogress.  Anywho, I first saw it at Paper Source, but then I was like nah not going to pay $40 and so I actually ended up finding it at Marshall’s for way less, so my first word of advice is to check there for planners.

    Probably my favorite planner I’ve ever owned & used is the Day Designer Planner.  Each day has it’s own page and it has a nice little quote, a place for you to put your most important to-dos of the day, hour-by-hour scheduling, and then a place at the bottom to reflect on the day.  I also love the goal setting pages in the front and back of this planner.

    I have never owned & used an Erin Condren Life Planner, but I have heard good things from a few different people.  There are a few different styles of planners available – the Life Planner, Teacher Planner, Wedding Planners, and more.  Talk about some variety.

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    I am so excited for this New Year and to see what is in store for 2018!

    What are some of y’alls favorite planners and/or organizer-notebooks?  Share in the comments below!





    2017 Recap

    So Fetch Friday, SFF, TGIF, Thank God it's Friday, Weekend, Freakin' Weekend, FriYAY, Birthday weekend, Celebrate, Golden Birthday, Express, Urban Outfitters, Dolce Vita, DV for Target, Target, Baublebar, Sugarfix by Baublebar, OOTD, OOTN, What I Wore, Street Style, Party Wear, Charlotte Blogger, NC Blogger, Queen City Blogger, NC Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Fashion Blogger, missEtayla, Schoolin' This Stylish Life

    Well 2017 – you were quite the year!  I feel like so much has happened in the last year in my life, as well as those around me.  In this blog post I’m going to be sharing some things that happened in 2017 – good, bad, ugly, and great + sharing some of my looks from the past year starting with this first look above.  It’s SO crazy that this pic above was taken at the beginning of last year.  Like it doesn’t even feel like this was in 2017.

    Teachin' UP on a Tuesday, February 2017, February, Floral, Spring, Spring 2017, Bevello, Forever 21, Blush, Shelia Fajl, Urban Outfitters, BDG, Dolce Vita, DV, DV for Target, Target, Fashion Blogger, Queen City Blogger, QC Blogger, CLT Blogger, Queen City Blogger, QC Blogger, NC Blogger, missEtayla, Schoolin' This Stylish Life

    Here are some things that I learned in 2017:


    Yep in 2017 (or ever really) I never thought that I’d lose my job.  If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that back in March myself and other Google Fiber employees were unfortunately part of a wave of lay-offs that happened in multiple cities.  This was really hard for me, especially because I was told I had done nothing wrong, it was a ‘change in the business plans’.  It was a hand I was dealt and I literally had to just be okay with it, there was nothing I could do.  It didn’t take me long to realize though that this was a blessing in disguise.  This was a humbling reality to me and I learned so much throughout the entire process of being let go and searching for a new job.  This whole experience taught me that sometimes things happen and sometimes they’re out of our control, but you just have to take a step back, breathe, and put together a plan and then act on it.

    March, March 2017, Spring, Spring 2017, Marshall's, Bishop + Young, Topshop, Nordstrom, Caslon, Express, Forever 21, Street Style, Fashion Blogger, Charlotte Blogger, QC Blogger, CLT Blogger, NC Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Beauty Blogger, Style Collective, SC, South End, missEtayla, Schoolin' This Stylish Life

    Fall, Flares, Fall Style, Fall Looks, Flare Jeans, Zara, Sam Edelman, September, Mondays, Express, Nordstrom, Fashion Blogger, CLT Blogger, Charlotte Blogger, 704, NC Blogger, Style Influencer, tayloringstyle


    In 2017, I learned that sometimes you can want and dream things up all you want, but unless you really plan & work for them, they’re just going to sit there either in your mind or on a piece of paper.  They also don’t just happen in the blink of an eye, sometimes they take time.  In 2017 I learned more than ever the power of being patient and persistent.  Did y’all know that it took me 5 and 1/2 months to find my new job?  Sure I could’ve taken other offers, but I knew in the long run I wouldn’t be happy and I am tired of hoping around and I wanted to find somewhere I could stay put for a while.  Did y’all also know that it also took me 4-5 tries to be approved for RewardStyle/LiketoKnow.It?  This is not a jab at them by any means, but instead a point to not give up.  Sure it was frustrating, but instead of just giving up I took these fails as opportunities to do and be better.  I changed my branding, upgraded my camera, and uped my game.  You cannot let failures like this break you down.  Instead you have to use it as fuel to keep going.  You can’t always control things when they happen to you, but I’ve learned this year that you can most certainly change how you move forward.  You’re the only one who can control how you handle the situations that are brought into your life.  I’m telling y’all – patience & persistence are essential KEYS to success.

    Summer to Fall, Fall Style, Fall Trends, Style Influencer, Fall Romper, Petal Boutique, Shop Petal, Petal Charlotte, Fashion Blogger, FBlogger, Lifestyle Blogger, NC Blogger, Charlotte Blogger, QC, Style, tayloringstyle, dkourtneyphoto, Deeana Beckley, tayloringstyle


    In the midst of my failures from this year, I learned that these are the times more than ever that you have to think like no one else.  You have to really think about who you are, what exactly you want, and how do you get what you want.  This year I had to figure out a way to grow my brand and with the help of some fellow Influencers and the support of my family & friends, I  started my Taylor Your Closet styling services.  I have always loved shopping, putting outfits together, and organizing so why not make a living out of it?  Sometimes I think we can get caught up in feeling like if we are enjoying ‘work’ that it is wrong.  I am here to tell you that it is 120% not wrong.  Sure we all have things we have to do that are work-related that we are not going to enjoy.  BUT it doesn’t have to be like that 24/7/365.  Again, this goes back to you’re the only one in control of what you do with your time, how/where you work, etc. It’s all up to you.  In 2018 I am going to challenge myself (and y’all too) to think outside the box.  Think like no one else!  Think like you and then make sh*t happen people.

    NYFW, NYFW2017, September, NYC, NC Blogger, Charlotte Blogger, CLT, 704, NYSD, SCtakesNYFW, Style Collective, T.J. Maxx, Vestique, Vince Camuto, Nordstrom, Topshop, Marc Jacobs, Fall Style, Fall Fashion, Style Influencer, FBlogger, Lifestyle Blogger, tayloringstyle, tayloringstyletravels, TST

    Tayloring Style, Taylor Your Closet, Personal Styling, Wardrobe, Style Influencer, October


    You’re not always going to make sense to some people.  Your choices aren’t always going to make sense to anyone but you and that’s okay.  You have, have, have to trust your gut.  Only you know what is right for you.  Sure there is nothing wrong with seeking the advice of your family & friends, I do it all. the. time. Maybe too much?  But in 2017 I can say that I feel like while I took the advice of my family & friends to heart, I still ultimately made decisions based more so on what I wanted and what I knew was best for me.  I know you might be thinking ‘okay, why haven’t you always done that?’, well the answer is IDK.  I mean I’ve made choices on my own in the past obvi, but I don’t know why but this year in particular I felt like they were choices that were 150% for me and were what I actually wanted.  I wanted my own place back in Charlotte and I did it.  I made the leap and couldn’t be more happy with my decision.  Sure it was difficult and a little scary, but I am so happy I did it.  Also I learned that even with guys, if I didn’t fully feel right about them or want to see them again – I didn’t.  I don’t have time for you to BS me, and ladies I’m telling you that you don’t either.  If you don’t like a guy, get out of the situation.  If you don’t feel right about the guy, get out of the situation.  You have to do you. YDY.  You. Do. You.  You deserve it!  Whether it’s your career, relationships, or deciding what pair of shoes to buy, you do you and don’t worry about what others will think.  If they love you and care about you – then then get you and therefore will be supportive.

    Tuesday, #NSale, NSale Dupes, Forever 21, Tanks under $20, H&M, Style Influencer, FBlogger, Summer Style, Summer Trends, July, Summer 2017, Kernersville Blogger, Winston-Salem Blogger, NC Blogger, Fashion Blogger, Style Collective, Personal Style, tayloringstyle

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    Blush, LOFT, Holiday Looks, November, Versatile Tops, Style Influencer, Fashion Blogger, CLT Blogger, NC Blogger, 704, Uptown, Levi's, Halogen, Nordstrom, Versatile, tayloringstyle, Taylor Your Closet

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    Holiday Looks, Christmas, Holiday Season, NYE, Holiday Looks, NYE Looks, French Connection, Scout and Molly's, Scout and Molly's South Park, Charlotte Blogger, Fashion Blogger, 704, tayloringstyle


    This year I hope to continue to inspire y’all from your closets to your hearts.  I truly believe that looking your best allows you to feel your best and that can only lead to more wins for you in your daily lives.  I want to encourage y’all more this year by offering you more meaningful content.  One of my passions outside of fashion (those rhymes tho’) has always been encouraging others.  This was one of the reasons I LOVED my job as a teacher.  I taught my students to see their best selves and then encouraged them to go after what they wanted.  I want to do more of that for y’all in 2018.  Like I mentioned the other day on my IG story, this year I am also challenging myself to take a few minutes every morning and write in a journal what I am grateful for and a few affirmations for my day.  What I mean by the affirmations is I am writing TODAY I WILL BE.. and then listing things such as strong, focused, creative, confident, etc.  I want this Gratitude and Today I Will Be activity to be a way to reflect on my life, what I’m grateful for, and to get me pumped for the day.  I believe this will make my days better in 2018.  I am also thinking of taking a few minutes before I go to bed to reflect on the day and write it down in this same journal.

    Obviously in 2018, I will continue to work on my fitness & diet with my trainer in JGo and I am so excited about my progress with her and all the progress to come.  I am also going to continue to live my life implementing the lessons I learned this past year and know that if I keep my focus and work hard that I will see more successes in 2018.

    What are some of y’alls ‘resolutions’ or hopes for 2018??  Share with us in the comments below!  We can all learn from each other!

    I hope y’all enjoyed this post and that it pumps you up for 2018.  I hope y’all have a safe and FUN NYE tonight!  Thanks for following me and being a part of what I love to do.  Y’all have been the best this past year and I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to write for you, share outfits, and my experiences.  It means so so much to me!





    Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

    I hope y’all had a very Merry Christmas & a Happy Holiday yesterday with all of your loved ones!  My family & I had a great time up in Asheville and then came back to Kernersville and today I am heading back to Charlotte.  All over the place!

    Did y’all know that Christmas is being continued?!  Nordstrom is having their Half Yearly sale and they have some sales.  I want SO many things. AHH!  I wanted to share with y’all some of my favorites.  This sale runs until January 2nd, but you know how these sales go. QUICK.  Sizes, etc.  So get these goodies while you can and while you still have your Christmas money & gift cards, ha!

    Here are my favorites.  I will keep you posted on everything throughout this week until Jan. 2nd. Happy Shopping, xo!



    Last Minute Gift Ideas for Under $50

    5 days ’til Christmas!!

    It’s slippin’ away quick y’all and I am trying to savor every second!  Speaking of only 5 days left, today I want to share some last minute gift ideas for under $50.  Some of these retailers are still promising shipment by Christmas Eve, but some of y’all may have some of these retailers in your hometown, AND/OR it may spark an idea that you haven’t yet had and hopefully will inspire you for a gift idea?!  Longest sentence ever, but I hope it makes sense (seriously why aren’t there emojis available for insert into blog posts, etc?!).

    Happy Shopping! Xo!


    Another Holiday to NYE Look

    Another day closer to Christmas and NYE & I’m comin’ atcha with another beautiful dress from Scout and Molly’s at South Park that you can rock for your Holiday festivities or to ring in 2018!

    Holiday Looks, Christmas, Holiday Season, NYE, Holiday Looks, NYE Looks, French Connection, Scout and Molly's, Scout and Molly's South Park, Charlotte Blogger, Fashion Blogger, 704, tayloringstyle

    Holiday Looks, Christmas, Holiday Season, NYE, Holiday Looks, NYE Looks, French Connection, Scout and Molly's, Scout and Molly's South Park, Charlotte Blogger, Fashion Blogger, 704, tayloringstyle

    The bell-sleeves & lace and beading detail is SO amazing on this dress and so gorgeous.  When I first tried this on at Scout and Molly’s I was like “YES!”.  I seriously instantly was like I have to have this dress.  Like gorgeous is an understatement y’all.  This dress (or a similar one like I’ve linked for y’all below) would be perfect for your Holiday parties this week OR for NYE.

    Holiday Looks, Christmas, Holiday Season, NYE, Holiday Looks, NYE Looks, French Connection, Scout and Molly's, Scout and Molly's South Park, Charlotte Blogger, Fashion Blogger, 704, tayloringstyle

    Holiday Looks, Christmas, Holiday Season, NYE, Holiday Looks, NYE Looks, French Connection, Scout and Molly's, Scout and Molly's South Park, Charlotte Blogger, Fashion Blogger, 704, tayloringstyle

    This dress could also be worn to a wedding if you have one coming up in the next month or two.  I have it on with black booties, but a pair of black, nude, or the perfect navy heel would look amazinggg with this dress as well.

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    Remember you can check out all of my gift guides under the Holiday tab on my blog or click here to take you there!

    Also, tomorrow on the blog I’ll have some last minute gift ideas under $50!




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