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Not Wearing Pink but Thinking It

mike, mike, mike – what day is it mike?

So even though it’s Wednesday & I’m not wearing pink ((forgive me)), I am still in the pink state of mind.  Most women keep pink in their minds majority of the time, especially in October.  Make sure you are getting yourself checked as well as your sisters, friends, moms, grandmothers, aunts, etc.  We have to look out for each other, ladies!

With that being said – today, I am bringing to you some pink accessories (and a blazin’ pink blazer that is fabulous)!  So get your pink on this Wednesday and remind yourself (and the other important women in your life) just how essential it is to put your health first.  Meetings, work, conference calls, dates, etc. can wait.  If you’re not healthy – to put it bluntly – you won’t be around for these day-to-day activities so make sure you keep on keepin’ on and make an appointment for a check-up TODAY if you haven’t already!  And THEN shop these great pink items below 🙂 All of which are under $50!

Do you have any favorite pink accessories and/or items that you consider must-haves?!  Feel free to share in the comments below!  I love hearing from y’all! 🙂  Remember to remind your family & friends of the importance of getting check-ups & staying healthy. ♥

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Until tomorrow beauties –



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