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So this past Tuesday, while working a food show event in Asheville, I was serving and selling Keurig coffee (duh) and one customer asked for just hot water. Of course I had no problem giving her hot water, but out of curiosity I asked her if she had a tea bag or something she was going to use the hot water for and she said “no I’m just drinking it plain.” I said, “wait. Plain??” She then replied & Said “I’m from China and when we eat a lot of greasy or fried food, it’s cleansing for your body & for your skin if you drink plain, hot water.” I asked her if she put a lemon or anything in it to add flavor and she said, “you’re missing the point (ha), but it’s supposed to be plain so it can cleanse you.” I thanked her for this new insight and she walked away. I know I’ve heard stuff like this before, but for some reason she was more convincing to me so I gave it a try. Our Keurig Regional that I was working with was just looking at me like I was nuts, but I tried it anyway. It was surprisingly refreshing.

If you follow me on SnapChat (miss.etayla), you know that I work with one of my besties, Meg, and so she was also a part of this hot water phenomenon and also gave it a whirl & enjoyed it.  Yesterday, when we were on our way home from Asheville we were talking about how we couldn’t wait to have a hot water beverage when we got back to Charlotte.

You should give it a try if you never have!

Do any of y’all have other healthy drink remedies such as this hot water one? If so, please share in the comments below!!

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