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Monday-ing Like a Boss

hello loves – happy monday!

Let’s be real, if we took a poll in America (yes, including North & South), I would be willing to bet that 93% or more would say they “hateee Mondays”.  I get it.  We’re like “dang it, now it’s time for work AGAIN”, or “ughh class – really!?” (you college peeps, geeez, killin’ me.  Seriously you’re lucky, so suck it up – jk loves ya).  Mondays are no fun for anyone – but recently, in my last few months, I’ve tried to turn that frown upside down and not hate on Mondays.  I am not going to be that annoying girl that is like “CHIPPER UP SUNSHINE” every second of every day, but dang it, I am going to try and brighten up your Monday a little today!

I think some Mondays we just need an extra boost of CELL: caffeine, energy, lipstick, and laughter.  Yep, just made that acronym up.  #yourewelcome .  I know CELL sounds cliche, but to me – these things make Mondays better  🙂

It is also helpful to feel organized & put together not only every day, but especially on Mondays.  This way, you are prepared and ready to kick major booty the rest of the week.  You feel better, look better and we all know that feeling better & looking better makes us perform better.  And who doesn’t want to do better and feel this way??!

With that being said, let’s boss it out this Monday and have a freakin’ awesome rest of the week as well!

Not even kidding when I tell you that having & using products similar to the ones below make me feel more productive & if they’re not already, I hope they can do the same for you!  So what are you waiting for?!  Boss it up and get you some of the fab items below:

What are some of your Monday boss items?!  Please share your thoughts & comments below!



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