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Last Minute V-day Looks!

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and whether you are celebrating this day of love romantically, as Galentine’s Day, or just a day to show some extra love to your pup – chances are at some point during this day ‘love’ crosses your mind.  This could be a romantic thought of love, love for your gal pals, pup, family, or heck even a stranger at a cash register who gives you a discount.  As the movie Love Actually taught us, there are many ways to love no matter your relationship status.

Whatever your plans may be for Vday 2018 – here are some cute last-minute pieces for you to scoop up {some on sale!} :

Sometimes, I’d like to think mainly in movies, but sometimes people with a single status seem to get more sympathy on Vday.  Personally, I’m fine with being single on Vday.  I love all of the reds, pinks, cute decor, clothes, and whole love idea, but sometimes I think Vday can be one of those days that is overrated and hyped up, like New Years and Halloween.  That makes me sound like a grouch.  I don’t mean for it to, I just don’t let these days get me all out of whack if they aren’t ‘perfect‘, ya know?  Don’t get me wrong, these days can be fun, silly, and great, and just like any other day, they are what you make them.  I just mean on this particular day, I don’t beat myself up because of my relationship status.  Instead, I embrace it, look cute anyway, and send some extra lovey emojis to my family & friends!  If you single, going through a tough time in your relationship, or looking for a fresh start relationship-wise, embrace this day and shower people on those that you do have & love in your life.  Focus on you.  Treat yo’self with a mani-pedi, a new dress, some champs, your favorite dinner, some flowers, chocolate and love up on your friends and/or dog.

I hope that y’alls week and Vday are full of cute looks, champs, flowers, laughter, and of course some love.



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