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It’s Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there!  Thanks for being you.

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 In my Mother’s Day post, I shared with y’all some lessons that I learned from my Mom, so I thought it’s only fair that on Father’s Day I share some lessons I’ve learned from my Dad.  So here we go!

1 – Persistence.  Never Give Up.  My Dad has always taught me to go after something with full force and don’t stop until I get it.  This helped me get through college, my first few jobs, and many day-to-day challenges.  He’s taught me that challenges in life give you character and make you who you are.

2 – Self-discipline.  This is something that I still learn more about each & every day, but I’d say it’s definitely something I’ve learned from my Dad.  When it comes to working out, eating right, money, whatever it may be, if you have self-discipline, your results are going to be better.  A lot easier said than done, but when you take a second to remind yourself of this little thing, it can make a world of difference.

3 – Have Fun.  Similar to two lessons I’ve learned from my Mom (how to have an open mind and a positive attitude), my Dad has also taught me to have fun.  He likes to make the most & best of every situation he is in and I love that about him.  Growing up, I didn’t always appreciate this, I mean I was a teenager and being a brat you know, but just because I didn’t appreciate it then as much as I do now, doesn’t mean I didn’t learn that about him.  It was one of those things you take a mental note of and apply it when you get a little older and you’re not all worried about what people think or all that other mess.

Dads everywhere – you are very important in a girls life (and boys I’m sure).  We love you & hope your Father’s Day 2k16 is the best!

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