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My Kind of Labor Day

When I woke up this morning I was thinking that this Labor Day holiday could go one of two ways for me:

  • 1- I could put a dent in my couch while exhausting episodes of Gossip Girl and Friday Night Lights via Netflix or..
  • 2- I could get ready and go out shopping, aka go HAM on some Labor Day sales.

Instead of the options above, I decided to go more ‘adult’ on this day.  Since I spent the weekend at my parents’ house, naturally I helped my mom and dad with some stuff around the house.  The big project was to add a dash of woman-like organization & decor to my Dad’s home office.  It started with gallery wall strategies.  Let’s face it, Dads typically need a little guidance when it comes to gallery walls and decor in general, bless their sweet hearts!  After a few indecisive takes, mom and I finally put together Gallery Wall #1, which Dad can gaze at directly from his desk.  This wall consists of pictures of our fabulous family (which of course includes my parents, sister and brother-in-law, my precious 4 yr. niece, 2 yr. old nephew and myself).  Behind Dad’s desk you can find Gallery Wall # 2, yes we too were surprised that a man’s office can have more than one gallery wall.  This wall includes golf memorable and all things Bubba Watson.  Basically Mom and I should go into the gallery wall decor business. #yourewelcomedad

After the drilling & placing of pictures/all things Bubba took place, I then tackled his book case.  Let’s just say, whoever unpacked the books from their last move just made a come one, come all-type book shelf.  Dad’s finance, goal-oriented, and sport books were mixed in with Mom’s gems to jewelry, inspirational and quote-filled books.  But nope, that’s not all.  The last of this bookshelf mix tape was provided by yours truly and included young adolescent books along with numerous Webster’s dictionaries from my teaching days.  So needless to say, this bookshelf needed some work.  After sorting through the books, I was able to make a designated shelf for health, politics & history, finance/business/goal-oriented, and miscellaneous. *insert PTL (praise the Lord) hands.*

Once the gallery walls and bookshelves were all set, it was time for a little self-mani.  I always want to stick to my signatures: Essie Chinchilly (on the right in the image below), Essie Meet Me at Sunset, or any dark OPI, but nope not this Labor Day.  Instead, I went with Essie Fall in Line, which if you don’t know is a great fall-like green color (on the left in the image below).  It is still a neutralish color, but obviously a bit different than your usual gray/tan family.  The perfect color to help say tootles to summer and hi to fall!

Once the projects and nail painting were over, I had one of those 30 minute to an hour blocks of time where social media hijacks my train of thought.  Does this ever happen to you?  I think back and ask myself, “wait, no really, what have I been doing??”, and typically the answer is either A-I’ve been sucked into SnapChat stories, B-Instagram Feedin’, C- the most time stealing culprit of all, Pinterest, has got my interest or D- let’s be honest, all of the above.  Next thing I knew, Mom had put together a fabulous dinner that snapped me right out of my social media coma.  We had garden fresh tomatoes and okra along with mashed cauliflower and hush puppies.  Talk about deliciousness!!
Any Bachelor in Paradise fans??  The season finale aired tonight and I was pumped about watching it!  Not going to lie, I don’t always watch, but honestly I got pretty into this last season and it’s probably because of the Fab Four: Jade and Tanner & Carly and Kirk (RIP to their relationship).  To me, these four seemed to be the most real.  PSA to all girls (especially you younger ones): I can only hope that if you don’t already have a soulmate bestie that you can find one AND be a friend like Jade or Carly and that you find a man who treats you right, who is sincere, funny and of course good lucks don’t ever hurt. Wishing Jade & Tanner the best!😘

I hope y’all had a fabulous and safe Labor Day Holiday! Be sure to make Drake proud by going up on your Tuesday tomorrow!

Stay tuned for more to come on my life, beauty, style, foods, and thoughts on everyday occurrences.

Thanks for reading & please leave comments! I love getting feedback and working to improve with each blog post. 🙂



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