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Hello February!

February, a month that determines when Spring will bloom, love of all types, my Dad’s birthday, friends’ birthdays, George Washington’s birthday, and this year, my golden birthday.  Yes I am turning 28 on the 28th this year.  I cannot believe it!  With this golden day on the horizon, naturally the party planning began today with one of my besties who is the best of the best when it comes to planning events.  Invites have been sent and now on to preparations for a photo shoot, the search for all the perfect decor + creating a playlist.

Since it’s a new month, I decided to make an addition to my New Year resolutions (which I think I am keeping up with for the most part).  I want to try to do a Snapchat story and/or Instagram story of myself each day.  I know it sounds silly, but hopefully I’m not the only one, but how my voice sounds recorded..woof, but I know it’s something I just have to get over.  I want to do this for myself, but also for my followers.  I want to be able to share more of my daily looks, makeup, favorite life things, and much more.  SO, make sure to follow me on Snap (miss.etayla) and on Insta (@missetayla) and help me hold myself to this new resolution that I am making in February.  Hey, better late than never, eh?  BTW, such a contradicting statement, I actually hate being late.  I am sometimes, but dang that feeling is not fun.

Anyway, how have you all been?  Anyone succeeding and/or struggling with their New Years resolutions?  Have you thrown in any out yet or added new ones?! Share in the comments below!

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