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Friendsgiving – ‘But What Would I Wear?’

Happy Monday –

I hope your Monday has been great & full of CELL {{for new readers, this means Caffeine, Energy, Lipstick, & Laugher}} so far!  This Thursday is Thanksgiving, is anyone else shocked?  This month has gone by SO fast it’s cray.  If you’re like me, with Thanksgiving comes Friendsgiving {{aka – Thanksgiving with friends, #blessed}}.  This past Saturday we had the first annual Bojgiving {{aka – a Friendsgiving thrown by boys – Bojangles fixins were encouraged}}.  It was a lot of fun – they cleared out their living room furniture and rented chairs and tables so that 20+ of us could all sit in the room together @ the same table, very thoughtful & lots of fun!

Tonight is the “Girls’ Friendsgiving”.  There are about 7 or 8 of us getting together to discuss our blessings and have some fun!  Each of us is bringing a dish & drink of choice, again #blessed.  I am so so ((← I could bold & underline this a mil times)) lucky & blessed to have all of the great friends & family that I have.  Most days I think about how grateful I am, of course we all get busy with work, etc. and things get thrown at us from each and every direction, but that’s another reason I love this time of year because it is like an extra reminder for me to count my blessings.  I’ve heard & read many times over the last few months that if you take just a couple minutes each morning to say out loud {{and you don’t have to scream it}} some things that you are grateful, your day will be better and you will be happier.  It kinda goes along with that quote “Start each day with a grateful heart.”, makes sense, eh??

Not only am I grateful for my family & friends, honestly, I am also grateful for the clothes I am able to put on my back!  And tonight, for Girls’ Friendsgiving, I am ready to rock my BP Faux Leather PantsSheila Fajl Gold Hoops, and my Target Faux Fur Vest.

• Shop this look below! •

What are some of your go-to pieces for Holiday parties/dinners/etc.?!?  Let me know your thoughts & comments below!  AND as always, please spread the love of missEtayla with your family & friends by sharing this post via Social Media!  It is much appreciated! ♥

I hope that each of you have blessings to count and that you are able to help those who are not as fortunate & that you find happiness in helping others.  🙂




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