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Favorite Planners & Journals

HAPPY 2018!!

I hope y’all had a fab & safe NYE.  Mine was pretty good!  My plans changed and I ended up not going to Linville, but stayed here in Charlotte instead.  Boomer has been in the car so much lately and has developed some pretty bad car anxiety (it is seriously the saddest thing).  I give him an all-natural remedy to help ease his anxiety, but it wears off after about an hour-hour and a half so I just felt like we needed to stay put since we’ve been all over the state in the last week.  Plus I still had some major unpacking and organizing to do and so I wanted to start off 2018 in the most non-cluster type of way.  Although I missed my friends that I was going to go with & had some fomo, I did get a lot done by staying in town so I am glad for that!

Anyyyyway, today I want to share with y’all some of my favorite planners and organizers.  I have always loved planners and am pretty picky when it comes to them.  Anyone else?!  Sometimes I end up with two different planners for 1 year?  I don’t know why.  I guess I just can’t decide?  But then sometimes I carry around both and that’s just silly.  But I have used two before and use one for just work stuff and then the other for more personal things & the blog.  This year I got this Kate Spade planner (I got one two or three years ago and liked it – it’s one of my favorites).  I loved the cover of this one because these days I am usually late.  #workingprogress.  Anywho, I first saw it at Paper Source, but then I was like nah not going to pay $40 and so I actually ended up finding it at Marshall’s for way less, so my first word of advice is to check there for planners.

Probably my favorite planner I’ve ever owned & used is the Day Designer Planner.  Each day has it’s own page and it has a nice little quote, a place for you to put your most important to-dos of the day, hour-by-hour scheduling, and then a place at the bottom to reflect on the day.  I also love the goal setting pages in the front and back of this planner.

I have never owned & used an Erin Condren Life Planner, but I have heard good things from a few different people.  There are a few different styles of planners available – the Life Planner, Teacher Planner, Wedding Planners, and more.  Talk about some variety.

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I am so excited for this New Year and to see what is in store for 2018!

What are some of y’alls favorite planners and/or organizer-notebooks?  Share in the comments below!




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