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HAPPY FRIDAY!  So I know that I’ve been promising y’all this post for a while and wait no longer because it’s FINALLY here!

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Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omegas support cardiovascular health, brain health, and help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.  Why the Nordic Natural Brand?  It’s 100% wild-caught, non-GMO, and third-party tested for purity, superior absorption + more.  The FDA allows retailers to put omegas on their shelves that have mercury levels of over 30% in them and they can market them 0% mercury.  So that means when you are taking omegas that are not the Nordic Natural brand that you are literally poppin’ mercury.  Cool FDA.  Thanks!  So – think about that and just promise me you will at least think about switching omegas.

Dr. Ohhira Probiotics not only help with digestion, but they also contribute to a healthier immune system.  Did you know that at least 70% of your immune system cells reside in your digestive tract?  Probiotics help support these cells.

The Total Gut Health supplement packets include prebiotics, enzymes, and probiotics.  These work together to break down food, absorb nutrients, supports the immune system, help support healthy gut flora, and help digest major macronutrients.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides like I’ve told y’all before, these are amazing!  Our bodies cannot create enough collagen on their own; therefore, we have to supplement this in our diet to see the benefits.  Here are just a few benefits of taking collagen daily: more youthful & glowing skin, increased athletic performance, improved digestion, deeper sleep, tendon & bone strength, and improved gut health – again that’s just naming a few of the benefits.  I put a scoop in my coffee every single morning.  AND I’m so so excited because they recently came out with a collagen coffee creamer and I cannot wait to try it so stay tuned for that!

Aloe Life Cherry Berry Aloe Vera Juice Y’all this stuff is SO GOOD.  I literally take a swig of this every morning either right before or right after I shower.  You can drink it straight up like I do, or you can add it to your breakfast smoothie.  It is so good for your digestion + helps prevent indigestion & bloating as well as supports optimum health.

Terry Naturally CuraMed + DIM Complex Estrogen Blend This product supports healthy hormone balance, to help support mood, weight, energy levels, & well-being.  It also helps to balance estrogen and progesterone levels.  This is why I take it.  I lack progesterone so this helps to balance me out & to honestly help prevent breakouts on my chin.  If you’re breaking out on the like corners of your chin it is more than likely hormonal. Curcumin is in this product and it is an active compound from tumeric that supports healthy liver function to help eliminate toxins.

Blue Bonnet Vitamin D  These literally taste like candy.  I could eat half the bottle in one day.  You should really just take two.  Vitamin D helps to improve your immune system and improves your mood.

Again, these are the supplements that I take the most (aka – on a daily avg).  There are more to be thrown in when you are sick and/or working on a specific cleanse or diet.  Of course I am here to answer any questions.  I highly recommend all of these if you are looking for a supplement & vitamin routine.  Y’all clearly know that I am not a doctor so if you have any specific health conditions of course you would 100% need to speak with a health advisor or doctor before taking anything!

Have y’all ever tried any of these products?!  Share with us in the comments below + tell us about your supplement routine!

Have a great rest of your Friday!




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