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Cyber Monday Picks

Hi & welcome to the happiest Monday of all, Cyber Monday!

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Has anyone ever been more excited for a Monday?!  I would bet a strong no on that one.

So if you saw my IG story earlier today, you know that I am super bummed that I can’t shop any Cyber Monday sales because my bank account was hacked/fraud was committed on Friday (insert eye-rolling emoji).  Apparently when this happens, you can’t make any online purchase.  I mean come on fraud peopel of the world, that’s just rude and SO inconvenient; however, I am grateful that the bank does this to keep my account safe momentarily.  I get it, it could be way worse and this is a #firstworldprob, but still I work my butt off so yea it’s a little annoying and I’m extra sour about it because it’s Cyber Monday.  BUT moving on – even though I can’t enjoy the sales, I’ve still rounded up the best for Y’ALL to enjoy and I will live vicariously through your purchase so please share your deals in the comments for all of us (aka me) to read!

Today I am sharing with you some of my favorites that are on sale – I will update you as best I can throughout the day on here as well as on my Instagram & SnapChat stories so make sure you are following me on there as well – tayloringstyle is the username on both of those!

Target – So many deals + save $25 when you spend $75 on Holiday decor:

Wayfair: Up to 80% off

Urban Outfitters

 More to come tomorrow and throughout the week as the sales go on!

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