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Cozy Gift Guide

Happy Wednesday!

So if you saw my Instagram post last night, you know that I am now on  I am V excited about this new chapter for my brand and for myself + I’m so happy that y’all can continue to follow along with me on my journey and shop my outfits, makeup, lifestyle necessities, etc. in the meantime! I am totally that girl who can’t wait to learn new things and apply them anyway I can so that new opportunities come my way.  Honestly this is something I’ve been working towards and I couldn’t be more pumped about it!  This is another step that I couldn’t have accomplished without you, my amazing followers and I cannot thank you enough!! ♥

SO if you are unsure about what is, it’s a way that you can shop the pictures of your favorite influencers via Instagram and then links through blog posts.  There are a couple ways you can shop my looks via

1 – You can download the APP & screenshot my pics I post on Instagram and it will archive them for you in the app so that you can go shop everything in that photo that is linked for you.

2 – You can ‘like’ my pictures to shop the product details from the app and you will also receive a shoppable email to your Inbox when you ‘like’ the photo.

– Follow me on the app (@tayloringstyle) and never miss a chance to see or shop my posts!

Moving onto the Cozy Gift Guide..

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

Per y’alls request, I have some gift guides stacked up for y’all.  I am in the process of updating my “Gift Guides” tab under the Holiday tab on my blog, but for now you can definitely shop this one for the cozy lovers in your life and I’ll let y’all know as soon as my others are updated.

Three takeaways from this post (I am big on counting today clearly):

1- Never give up.  Ever.  Persistence and patience can get you almost anywhere and then keep you there as long as you want to stay.

2- Download the app & follow me 🙂 #shamelessplug.

3- Treat yo’sef or someone you love to a cozy gift above!




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