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Happy Thursday!

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Recently I’ve been in search of a new foundation and I found another favorite!  I don’t like anything too, as I say, cakey nor fakey.  This Cover FX Foundation from Sephora is great!  It has nice coverage and is neither cakey or fakey.  I apply it with my Sephora Foundation Brush and top it with a new Nars Blush (LoveJoy).

In addition to my new foundation and blush, I went out on another limb and got a new eye liner.  This Bobbi Brown Gel Sapphire Eyeliner is seriously amazing.  It is smooth and easy to apply.  The makeup artist at Sephora suggested I apply it to my top lid right at my waterline ((basically right where my lashes are)).  I love this look!  It definitely allows my eye lashes to look more full right from the root.  One last question I asked the makeup artist at Sephora was how to cover up redness (particularly on my nose) and he gave me a sample of a BareMinerals Primer that reduces redness.  It really helps!  I also picked up a nice little sample of some Philosophy Graceful Perfume with my Sephora Rewards points.  Also really loving this scent as well!  The Bliss Youthful Eye Cream is a beauty purchase from last month.  This eye cream is very hydrating.  You can find it at Sephora, or Macy’sbut I picked mine up at TJMaxx!

Overall, as I’m sure you’ve concluded on your own – I am very happy I was able to get a little of a new look yesterday at Sephora!  It is so fun and refreshing to try new things every once in a while especially around the Holidays for parties, etc.!  I mean we have to be stylin’ and profilin’, right?!

Shop this beauty look below! 
What do you think about these products?  Have you used any before??  What are some of your favorite beauty items?!  Feel free to leave your comments & thoughts below, it is much appreciated!
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