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“Be Different. Don’t Be Like Everyone Else.”

Last week, while talking to my sister, this was what she said to me, “Be different.  Don’t be like everyone else.”  Fortunately for me, being different seems to run through my DNA.  With the exception of a few teenage to early college fashion trends, I have pretty much ‘gone my own way’, just as Stevie Nicks advised.  But really, I went to a local community college after high school, unlike any of my good friends who were going off to SEC and ACC schools.  At times, it was sort of tough feeling like the only one in my situation, but I prevailed through and luckily I was fortunate enough to transfer after a year in community college and head up to Boone, NC to attend the great Appalachian State University.  This is where I confirmed my purpose and received my Bachelor’s degree in Middle Grades Education.  People thought I was ‘trippin’.  That was until they heard that I taken a job in Nashville, TN to teach at a Title I Middle School that eventually led my path back to NC to teach at another Title I Middle School, this time to over 100 English Language Learners (ELL).  If you’re looking for an early April Fools joke, I mean if you really want to freak someone out, just tell them you want to teach middle school and in North Carolina.  Get a laugh for yourself when you see their face and then boom, pull the “APRIL FOOLS!” (cue the joke drumroll).  On the real, education is no joke and this topic in general needs some serious positive light & many improvements, especially here in my home state of North Carolina.  Although I am not in the classroom anymore, the field of education is still very much so in my heart and I would definitely call myself a passionate advocate for educators.  Needless to say, there will be more to come on this subject – so teachers, administrators, staff, etc. feel free to reach out to me!

I am so thankful for all of the different steps I’ve taken so far in my life.  They have led me to my current life, which still consists of a great family and friends, a sales career in the foodservice broker industry, ClassPass on ClassPass, traveling, cooking, doing my best to make the most out of each day while putting smiles on faces, and much more.  🙂

Although yesterday was my first post, I wanted to take my sister’s refreshing advice of being different and give y’all a little bit of the run-down on me for this second post and do so in a non-traditional way.  With that being said, I hope I accomplished my goal and please leave comments and/or questions.

Tune in again for more on style, home decor, education, women in sales, and all things fabulous!



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