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And the Award Goes to..

How about the Oscar’s last night?!  So many stunning looks on the red carpet!  And how about that mix up at the end?  Yikes. Both films deserved it from what I understand (yes I still have not seen either of them, but definitely want to). 

These looks were some of my favs (photos from @enews):

So yesterday I went to the movies for the first time in forever and saw Hidden Figures.  It was packed, which was shocking to me since it has been out for a while now, but anyway o-m-g, that movie.  Seriously so good!  Between this film + my recent favorite show, Good Girls Revolt (a must-see in my book on Amazon Prime), I am feeling more inspired than ever, for real and this got me thinking.  While watching Hidden Figures today with all these people, I realized something I hadn’t before, this was a great movie audience to be a part of.  When scenes were funny, people were cracking up, when scenes were inspiring, people clapped.  It may sound cheesy, but it’s like I realized for the first time how movies bring people together.  Inspirational movies, rom coms, dramas, documentaries, etc, they all bring different groups of people together and I think that is something worth recognizing.  Our world today can be such a mess sometimes, so I think that more light needs to be shined on moments when we are together laughing, clapping, and celebrating.  This is what people need to be reminded to remember more often than not.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Oscar’s and that y’all have a fab Monday!

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