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All We Need is Love

Monday, Monday

This was not my original planned post, but y’all I can’t ignore/overlook the current tragedy facing our nation right now.  Obviously this is a sad Monday morning here in the US.  My heart is so heavy right now for the city of Orlando and everyone who is mourning the loss of a family member and/or friend.  I cannot even imagine.  So much love and prayers to that whole city and everyone effected by this awful event.  Even though this is the darkest and largest mass shooting in our country, the amount of love and support that is being shown by the people of our country is impeccable.  The fact that this much love can be shown and there are still acts of hate, to me, is mind-boggling.  Please take your hate to Mars and stay there.

In the words of Forest Gump, that’s all I have to say about that.

Let’s keep love in our hearts and just pray for the city of Orlando, our nation, and our world.

Love you all.

Stay tuned for the Teachin’ UP on a Tuesday post tomorrow –

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