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All Treats, No Tricks

“i’m a mouse, duh.”

Today I am bringing you all treats and no tricks.  I have always been on the fence about Halloween.  I enjoy a good Halloween party, if I have the right costume, but at the same time I am totally fine with lounging & watching Hocus Pocus.  So, besides when I was a kid, last Halloween was probably my favorite.  I dressed up as Elle Woods (why I hadn’t thought to be her for Halloween before really stumped me) and I went to a trickin’ party with friends.  This Halloween, I am going trick or treating with my 4 yr. old niece and 2 yr. old nephew – aka the cutest Batgirl and Batman you’ll ever lay eyes on.  Naturally, I am wearing all black and cat ears to rock the Catwoman look?  Hoping it will come together.  I’m so excited!  Stay tuned for pictures.

So whether you are a die hard Halloween person or wish Halloween would fade into non-existence, you will find at least one item (let’s be honest, probably more) that you’ll consider a must-have either for a part of your costume or your daily closet.  If you’re looking for a last minute costume idea, these can be used for a cat costume, mouse (duh), the three besties/black-on-black emoji, the classic witch, or can be used for layering if you’re looking to add something like wings, a jacket, etc. to your costume.  Per usual, all are under $50!  Just click the items below & shop away!

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