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7 Backpacks to Want

It’s that time of year again – back to school!  Whether you have kids or don’t, or you’re already out of school, you know this time of year.  All the school supplies you could probably ever want are out in Target and other stores everywhere and so are the clothes.  I love some school supplies & ‘school’/fall clothes.  This time of year used to mean tax free here in NC, but that has gone away in the last couple years.  Lame.  Anyway I still love this time of year – it’s like nostalgia with all the school supplies out – cute folders, pens, pencils, cute stuff for your office or desk, etc.  I can’t get enough!  Anyone else feel me here?

Since we’re getting ready for the new ‘school’ year, I wanted to share with y’all 7 cute backpacks that I am loving.  If I needed 7, I would probably own all of these because they’re so cute!  Whether you’re in college, high school, grad school, or working these bags could be ideal for you to carry all the things you need.  I love a great work tote, but after a while, those start to hurt my shoulder.  With a backpack, it helps to ease this and even it out at least on both shoulders so one isn’t feeling all the hurt.

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I love this backpack that I got this year at T.J. Maxx and it was under $100.  Remember the classic Jansport and Eastpak backpacks??  Those were the ish for real and I saw the other day that Urban Outfitters is carrying both brands.  Cue the nostalgia.

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Have y’all found a backpack that you are loving?!  Share with us in the comments below!

Enjoy y’alls Tuesday!




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